Pinellas Soccer Officials Association: Join Us

PSOA welcomes all those who are interested in officiating at the high school level. We are happy to have new and returning members join us. We ask that those who are interested in officiating with PSOA have experience at the high school and/or collegiate level. We also encourage those with 2+ years of USSF experience (preferably in the older age groups, 15+) to join us as well.

Anyone wishing to officiate with us MUST complete a Level II background screening required by the Pinellas County School Board. Please see the News page for information on how to complete the background check.

All prospective members, regardless of experience, ranking, etc., participate in a pre-season tournament. At that time, you will be assigned to a crew and asked to officiate as a Center Referee, Side Referee or both. Your performance will be evaluated and the results of the assessment will be shared with you upon conclusion of the game. The assessor will make a recommendation to the PSOA assignor and the head of the PSOA assigning committee. After that, you will be assigned games based upon your performance, evaluation and availability. You may ask for another assessment later in the season or at some future date.

Since PSOA is affiliated with Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA), all of our members who do high school games must belong to FHSAA. You can learn more about FHSAA at It is not necessary to join FHSAA if all you wish to officiate are middle school games.

We use Game Officials to distribute game assignments. Once you are a member of PSOA, you will need to create an account with Game Offcials. After you create your account, you can look up PSOA, affiliate yourself, identify the days/dates/times you're available and begin receiving assignments. There is a link to Game Officials on each page of the PSOA website.

For more information on joining PSOA, please contact a member of the Board of Directors.

FHSAA recruiting website -